Our offer

Romero uses quality ingredients and prepares all delicacies with a lot of love.

Our Bread

Every morning, our hardworking bakers knead and bake fresh and warm bread for you. Our bread does not contain additives, but gets its irreplaceable taste and texture by long fermentation with wild yeasts. This is why our bread is healthier, tastier and stays fresh for a long time.

In addition to bread products, in the bakery offer you can find croissants filled with various flavors, homemade cakes and pies, sandwiches and much more.

Our Craft Beers

Our beers are named after the bus lines that run alongside Romero.



Gentle light beer with a taste of beer, at least in the tradition of local or German beer culture. Based on the munchen hell style, it provides a refreshing bit of bitterness, which is countered by the beautiful meadow notes of Hallertauer mittelfruch, a noble variety of hops. Balanced in all directions but still very recognizable. Beer for connoisseurs who do not want to experiment.


Vienna lager

Beer with a beer taste - that is, with the beer taste that our market expects, but - still - a beer with a LOT of beer taste. Vienna lager as a style allows barley to remain a noticeable addition to the taste. Rich textures, full body and more specifically bread notes of barley make the first impression worrying. But by the end of the glass, going back to the old becomes impossible.


Porter dark

Dark beer made with 4 types of barley malt and roasted barley that brews with moderate hop bitterness leaves hints of coffee and chocolate. Rijeka water is of extreme hardness for this style, which allows the full range of flavors the fullness of taste so characteristic of this ancient style from the north of England.



A cross between the Belgian and Scottish beer traditions, Apolinar comes as a missing link to the Kvarner wine culture. The most accurate description of it should be exactly - Kvarner strong beer. Lots of flavor, almost without bitterness to be able to jump in with those dishes that require gentle red wine for company. She loves cheese, olives and the sea view.



Despite the arrival of IPA in Croatia through the American beer revolution, this beer represents our assumption that the style must have looked at its source on trips all the way to distant India. More alcohol, more selected hops, but also a lot of flavors that American styles hide - barley, more barley, and then very little barley. Cheers!


Light amber

A gentle beer that stands out from the European tradition of beer production. Based on American hops and Croatian malt, King’s Amber bestows many flavors in very little alcohol. The English call such a beer session ale - a beer that can be ordered all evening without fear of consequences. We don't have that term - so let's introduce it. Social beer.

Our Burgers

Our juicy burgers are prepared with quality and seasonal ingredients, and a lot of lju (uuu) deals. Meat for our burgers is prepared in the butcher shop of the Ružmarin restaurant from the highest quality beef and chicken.